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New DVDs today

We have put three new movies on our shelves for you today:

  • Amour – this Austrian film won the Oscar for Best Foreign Language film in 2013
  • Scary Movie 5 – a.k.a.  Scary MoVie – Probably not Oscar worthy, but if you enjoyed the first 4 Scary Movies, you’ll probably like this one, too.
  • Epic – this is an animated film rated PG.
  • No Place on Earth – this is a documentary about a Jewish family that hid for over a year in a cave during WW2.  It has won 2 awards at international film festivals.

And new TV series.  You might notice the new sticker we have starting putting on the cases.  This will help you quickly identify TV shows versus movies.

  • Parenthood, season 4
  • Mike & Molly, season 3
  • The Good Wife, season 4
  • Being Human, season 5 (the UK series, not the US version)

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